Website Designing

Why in the world do we need a Website, the reasons are innumerable! Be it to showcase products or services, to 24/7 accessibility, to find sales leads, to sell products or services, to reach a broad audience, to reduce customer service cost

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing being a creative discipline, our technicians at Meru Studios have a keen artistic sense of creativity with emphasis on visual communication and its representations. With constant innovation and drive for appreciation,

2D/3D Modeling and Animation

3D modeling and animations is an exceptional line of attack for presenting your product, brand or services with the aid of moving, talking and interactive presentations. To keep your audience engaged and promote your business,

CMS Development

Technology is at a boom and constant expansion; and in today's lifestyle, be it personal or professional, wireless networks are dominating every feature. The population of mobile phones is surpassing computers

Custom Software Development

As every business has its own custom requirement which sometimes cannot be provided by any readymade package, Meru Studios provides solutions to optimize what IT infrastructure can give your business the sharp edge to transform day to day operations streamlined,

Web Development

Web Development in the broader sense is the work involved in developing a website for the internet or private networking. We at Meru Studios do exactly these which includes Web designing, Web content development,


Making your website look attractive and a viewer's pleasure with all ingredients of colors, models, animations, presentation enhancement techniques are requisites to create the impact on your audience about your Company and your product.

Mobile Applications

Communication today is in top gear, since communication through internet has become the order of the day and to stay online even on the move in inevitable with personalized functionality,we at Meru Studios develop Mobile Applications software for low-powered handheld devices.

E Commerce Development

Great significant importance has been acquired for E Commerce Development in modern day business. Business organizations, businessmen and users have derived benefits from selling, buying and carrying out business across,


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